Appeals and Court

We provide assistance to clients with cases that need to be heard in the Tribunals or the Federal Court.

Throughout the years, we have gained a long list of clients with various cases and issues in their Visa applications. For cases that are already brought up to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT), Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) or Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) or even to the Federal Court, we can provide you with legal advice, assistance and representation. We aim to provide you with a successful outcome so that you may finally receive a positive decision from the court.

When the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or the Tribunals give you a negative decision such as cancel or refuse your Visa, this does not always mean that there is no more hope in migrating or immigrating to Australia. There are many cases wherein a wrong decision was made by the department and further review just needs to be done. Australia Capital Migration has been able to provide expert advice on prospects of appeal and review the case once again to check on other options that may be done or further steps to be taken. We will help you prepare all aspects of your appeal including written documents that need to be submitted to the tribunal or court.

We will help not only in the preparation of a case but preparing the client as well so that a tribunal or court hearing would go smoothly. We collect and prepare evidence that can support a case and we also represent and advocate our clients during the hearing. We understand how the process of going through appeals could be quite tedious or even frustrating and we can give you the assurance that our staff will take care of you and give you the friendly yet professional assistance you need.

Whether you have an appeal that will be sent to the tribunal or a case that needs to be heard in the Federal Court, our expert lawyers, consultants and migration agents will help. Just give us a call so that you can set an appointment as soon as possible.